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Steps For Repair

1. Remove faulty chip with small nozzle and 380 degrees 7/8 air flow.

2. Clean pads with flux and low melt solder.

3. Clean away low melt solder using solder making sure all the dots are some and flat.

4. Reball new chip using 0.2mm solder balls. First remove old solder balls using low melt solder, flux and solder wick. Clean with isopropyl alcohol and then place new balls on chip. Apply heat and flux to melt balls onto new chip.

5. Position chip onto motherboard.

6. Apply 350 degrees and low air 1/2 until chip is stuck in position. When stuck increase air flow until you start seeing the chip move into position usually 4/5.

7. Clean area with isopropyl alcohol.

8. Test it is charging correctly .


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