Basic example how to create EXCEL file from SIMATIC WinCC RT and how to write data into EXCEL file in SIMATIC WinCC RT (WinCC Runtime). Also how to work with VB scripts in WinCC.

Content: – Create VB script
– Create EXCEL file by VB script (WinCC RT)
– Write data to EXCEL file by VB script (WinCC RT)

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30 thoughts on “Siemens TIA Portal HMI tutorial – Create/Write to EXCEL file from WinCC RT (HMI RT)”

  • Hi John,

    When I Change FolderWay= "D: Archives" by
    FolderWay= "D:"&Year &""&Month&""&Day&"Archives"

    Year= SmartTags("HMI_DataHour_Year")
    Month= SmartTags("Hmi_DataHour_Month")
    Day= SmartTags(HMI_DataHour_Day")

    I don't have errors, but it is not working !!!!

    I don't understand why ?

    Could you help me

    Best regards

  • Mohammadreza M says:

    I have two important questions and its very urgent, please help me!! How can we make Trendview f(x) With X-axis As Time in wincc comfort in tia portal??? the other question is: can we use wincc RT in HMI Panel, or it's just for PC?

  • Thanks for the video. the script is working fine. I have just one question. I want to select to start my table from e.g, instead of starting my table from Row 1 & Column 1 i want to select any other specific row column. Is this possible? if yes, how?

  • Chandler Anthony says:

    Great Video, I was wondering how you set up the connection to the PC. Do I have to run any sort for siemens software on it or am I able just to write the excel file over ethernet to basically any PC?

  • tường phạm says:

    Hi sir, i used to WINCC professional and coded same your code but ,i can't create folder, please help me to do that , thanks !

  • abhiman saraf says:

    Hello Sir,
    i have Siemens TP 700 comfort panel
    i am doing same procedure as shown in video by you however i am not able to generate Folder at the location which i provide in script

  • Agasthiyabalan says:

    Hii thanks for this was really helpful to me.but the problem is after creating the excel file all data is saved in single column.kindly help me to solve this?what is code for record next data column??

  • lịnh trương says:

    Hi JohnGvideo !
    i coded same your code, but only created folder and file excel and data didn't write to file excel
    help me ! please

  • Hello Mr Andersen, my problem is very simple for you we have two variables one is level and other is totalizer flow output the problem is we are you wincc and we got history for two resistor but problem is that the lord is on demand or any change in a registered I working on any change my registered is safe in Excel but my program need to on-demand I have pulse and his to a data in both register in Excel can you please help me my English is not a good but hopefully you understandI have used PLC S7 300 wincc software my mum is very simple we have two values one is 11 and second hand flow totalizer we have both individual registered MD 200 or MD 300 we have create in excel data log in both registered the problem is that wincc is only option on demand on any change I working in any change in registered his save the in Excel but my program need to on demand on demand mean any interrupt the data is saved both registered in Excel any option in wincc how to configure on demand thank you

  • I am working with my project today is very simple but one problem in my project in log in wincc form in Excel my program almost done but one problem in my log but you register one register is level and second is flow totalizer it's only a program in wincc any change in registered he save data in Excel but I have need to Ram on demand and I have no idea to configure on demand blog in Excel I have a very I have a problem with this issue because I have a lot of work on demand but not successful I have to interrupt I have generated and when introduce come both registered data save in access you know me one bit is high or anywhere on switch on any interest and both registered data in save in Excel how to configure in wincc on demand what is on demand that I have understand on demand for this then interrupt the data is safe and I have any change to configure that is very simple any change in registered save the data in excel but my program is on demand other program to save data in an interrupt to register data save in Excel can can you please solve this problem for me

  • ashish agrawal says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for fantastic videos. I am not able to hear any sound out of it. It would really be helpful, if you can assist on this. There is no sound coming, when played on youtube app as well

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