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23 thoughts on “Banished vs Life is Feudal Forest Village : Differences and is it a ripoff?”

  • Semantic Samuel says:

    I loved Banished, but the talk about it's difficulty is way overstated. Fact of the matter is that once you've learnt the game and it's mechanics it's really not that hard – you start with a standard build order and you're sorted, no matter what the difficulty level. The hardest thing about Banished is really stupid: build too many houses (or have an excess thanks to sudden deaths due to e.g. old age, disease, accidents) and your citizens will populate them one per house, which means no couples, no sex and no children. Banished is developed by one guy, and frankly it shows. It's an incredible achievement (and I have well over 100 hours in the game), but you sort of reach the limit of what you can do quite quickly. The mods (especially Colonial Charter) are essential for longevity, but CC has had to shoehorn features into the game that the game wasn't designed to accommodate. Consequently, setting up things like supply lines is impossible (and people like me who plays these sorts of games like having that sort of control). Life is Feudal looks amazing, but that UI is obviously a rip-off. It's identical…

  • If you play both games, you'll see Forest Village isnt a rip off. They play very differently, but have some core concepts the same. Its more of a proper competitor imo

  • I like building the village just to see what a medieval village could look like, the graphics are outstanding, but I'm not into game playing. With forest village and some of the mods, you can get pretty close to a free build scenario. People however, just get in the way of a free build and slow things down, so I build a village that could contain a few thousand people though I keep the population at about a hundred. This can be tricky, however, If the population drops to zero, it seems it's game over. Then you have to go back to a previous save and give your villages more food or the like. Very annoying, having to worry about the welfare of your people which takes time from building things.

  • It's an old video but just felt I should say for anyone watching now and who doesent know. The banished dev or devs sold the banished assets to life is feudal devs it is a copy but because the banished dev didn't want to continue it so sold it to the people who make life is feudal as they would continue it more. So yes it's a copy but it's a organized copy on purpose and not a stolen idea which is the Inportant thing.

  • Abdul Muntaqim says:

    forest villige is way way better by far i love both of them but forest village did things banished never did and should have

  • Who actually cares if it is a rip off ? IS IT BETTER is all i want to know.

    Banished graphics look inferior and its gameplay also sucked because if you build too many houses too fast the people stop breeding for some reason and your entire village dies off and nobody left to do anything. Also people living by themselves and just not breeding.

  • Katie Dastripper says:

    Banished needs to be ripped off. It's a good game if you mod the shit out of it but as a vanilla game it's the very definition of mediocrity. All you have to do is overproduce food and make sure everybody lives as close to their jobs as possible because the AI is some of the stupidest in the industry. That's it. Figuring out how to work around the stupidity of the AI is the entirety of the challenge that Banished presents and then it just becomes a screen painting game to make pretty towns. Then there's the issue of the horrible engine that can't even support animated buildings so everything is static and just sits there.

    Forest Village began with much promise and pre-Early Access it looked like it was coming along great…. but then Bitbox entered the equation and it's been all downhill from there. It was taken out of EA prematurely, the rating tanked because of it, and updates are all but nonexistent. The developer seems to have vanished just as mysteriously as they appeared and I'm not sure that MindIllusion ever existed as anything but a child of Bitbox. The developer's website, that once used to be teeming with activity pre-Bitbox is now a blank .ru web page. Neither of the founders of the company claim Forest Village on their online resumes and one of them is a former Bitbox employee.

    What a shame, because Banished needs to be ripped off.. and then improved on to tap that enormous amount of wasted potential. Forest Village, at least on paper, could have been that game but nope, it's just going to fade into obscurity. But never fear, because their one little fanboy will always be around the forum to whitewash it's every fault and Saxxon (from Bitbox) will be there to delete your critical posts or bury them in a subforum to ensure nobody ever sees them.

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