As you know apple recently updated High Sierra 10.13.2 to 10.13.3 so i decide to test the new 8th gen and the latest Z370 (300 Series) so here we go with the guide. ..


As we know this is a hardware built for window PC not for mac OS, so we have to understand after installation not all the app’s will work 100%, so i want to clarify imessenger, ichat and facetime will not work right out… Meaning you must do some extra patches in order to put it to work which i am no gonna do because i am not using any of these app’s and i don’t want to mess with any of my accounts, i apologize for…



Cover Config
Clover Boot Loader
Wedriver Updater

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30 thoughts on “High Sierra 10.13.3 Hackintosh Update With Clover | i7-8700K CPU Tutorial”

  • hello! can you help me dear to install the internet connection on haikintosh
    i have seen many vidos on youtube but it dosent solve me problem can you tell me please
    i am waiting for your reply

  • Gourav Patil says:

    My pc
    Intel i7 8th gen
    Msi z370 pro
    8gb 2400 hhd4
    Toshiba 250 gb ssd for mac os setup
    1 tb backup hard drive
    I'm installing mac os 10.13.03
    But graphic issu how to solve the graphics issues

  • "FireWire GUID 0000000000000000 is invalid!" at boot

    I can't boot into the macOS installer thanks to this error, is there any fix for this? Maybe any way for disable the firewire in clover?

  • Rustam Suleymanov says:

    Why u always say ‘let me’?
    I am not native speaker so that the reason why am I asking.
    Well, of course thank you for your tutorial. I can say that it is only one video on YouTube that was understandable.

  • Rajendra Arava says:

    Hi Nera, Great job, I am using Hackintosh High Sierra ,please let me know How To encode in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 Using hardware accelerated encoding (H.264) With My UHD630 integrated graphics(8700k). And Also tell me how to Fully configure my UHD.Thanks in advance.

  • Chris Robinson says:

    I get it… never mind… you made this just to download bait people into clicking the wrong stuff. Probably to make an affiliate marketing or advertising commission. Dirty.

  • HydroGamerHD says:

    Hey bro awesome video
    I build a new pc secs are

    Intel i3 8100
    Gigabyte B360 aorus
    Gtx 1060 6gb

    Will this method work for my system to Mac one my PC

  • Сергей Воропаев says:

    Hi! Thank you for your video!
    I’m going to set up hackintosh with aurus Z370 Gaming 5, 8700k, evga 1080ti. With Thunderbolt usb-c for my Apollo duet MK2 (extra card). Some people say that internal graphic doesn’t work in Gaming 5 or 7 cards. Do you know something about this issue?

  • Hi Nera, i must say thank you. Everything is operational and running smooth.

    After, i upgraded Broadcom BCM94331CD wifi + Bluetooth with adapter
    but only bluetooth does not work
    Can you guide me to fix it, please?

  • hey , everything you said works fine until shows desktop after that opst installation i would like to download yours efi files, so when clicked the download in nera studio that asks password, plz let me know what it is, and how can i get that

  • Alex Gaspareto says:

    Links working





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