I am breaking the norms of youtube. Here is an hour of build battle. I wonder how many of you will watch the whole thing?

I ended up playing 8 rounds, and see how many I won!

I wasn’t the best in every round, but it was fun, and hopefully as fair as possible in the judging. If you disagree with my decisions well.. go play a few rounds of build battle yourself 😀

I decided to do this when a viewer challenged me to do an hour of it. I was at first like “That is absurd” but then I was like, we’ve all been engrained into these 10-20 minute let’s plays and stuff, maybe some people want an hour of random build battle. So I thought I’d take a deep breath and upload the whole thing, much against the advice of others, but I am my own youtuber, and I do my own thing. Trying new things is always fun!

Has my commentary improved? Is it better? Please leave some feedback in the comments!

Thank you so much for watching, and 20+ grian points to those of you who make it to the end!

Server is Hypixel of course: mc.hypixel.net

Inspired from a suggestion from shadowolfy

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