How To Steal A WordPress Theme remember this is for Educational Purposes only.
1st Step: Locate a site you adore the theme of.
2nd Step:View Source. (make sure it is wordpres)
3rd Step: locate Url:
4th Step: Input “.zip or .rar” after “THE-THEME” resulting “THE-THEME.ZIP”
5th Step: Change url to­p
if this doesn’t work then the theme is not backed up or not under the same name as the folder.

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49 thoughts on “[Updated] How To Steal (Clone) WordPress Themes – Educational Purposes”

  • wasay chishti says:

    Hey can you get this theme for me?

    All using the same them appyn…. Thanks

  • Great tutorial man! I found theme i wanted, download it, install it on my WP but its and old version of the theme and i cant update it to the latest version…To bad…Maybe someone know how to do it…?!

  • Wonder Trips says:

    How can i clone or take this theme from this wordpress an make it in my website, i want this theme
    and i would like to have the same

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  • dear please download the following skin and send me i will be thankfull to you….

  • Zach Bennett says:

    Yeah you know you can automate just by using scrapebox to just scrape all those URLs and then using text mechanic to replace all of the THEMES strings with UPLOADS and then adding a zip at the end automatically with the prefix suffix generator instead of spending an hour sometimes you would have to spend 5 minutes no matter what cuz you can then ust run those URLs you generated through a tool that will tell you which one is valid….

  • equitycatalysis says:

    got the zip file. Now when I install on wordpress, there is an error "Are you sure you want to do this?". This is because the theme is premium and there is no authentication. It's a nonce error. Does anyone know a way around this?

  • Please, how do I download this theme? –

  • 1Armed Sword says:

    looking for this one for 2 days straight.

  • As this is apparently for educational purposes, it would of been a good idea to tell people how to protect themselves from someone stealing their bought theme and their bandwidth. But never mind I will instead. All anyone has to do to stop this from happening to them is to DELETE the uploaded .zip file from their directory.

    Also, the website where you managed to find the theme to download only had themselves to blame because their server directory wasn't secure. Nobody should be able to view the files on your server the way we saw in this video.

    To protect your website and to stop people from viewing your server files, you need to set your directory permissions correctly. If your using a WordPress here is a link that tells you the correct was to secure your directories. (Your file permissions can be changed from inside your hosting account or using an FTP client such as FileZilla.)

    Or, if you have a command prompt/shell access for your server you can change file permissions for both files and folders across your whole website using the following commands:

    find /path/to/your/wordpress/install/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ; (Press enter to execute)
    find /path/to/your/wordpress/install/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ; (Press enter to execute)

    Finally, I just wanted to say to the Author of this video and to anyone else who is looking for ways to get a premium theme for free. To be honest, it's not worth it because WordPress as a system is ALWAYS updating itself with changes and security fixes and any one of these updates might mean you need to update your theme to work with the latest version of WordPress. If you have illegally downloaded your theme, you won't have any access to an update so your theme will be unreliable and possibly unsecured. Also, most PREMIUM themes are fairly cheap considering what your actually paying for. For example, if your charging a client $1500 for a new website, is it really asking too much to pay $60 for a highly customizable theme? this includes all future updates and security fixes. Also, if you paid for someone to build you a custom theme, you would be paying a lot more than $60. In my opinion $60 is extremely affordable for anyone, even if you wanted to build your own website or blog, $60 isn't going to break the bank. I would avoid this illegal download tactic because its more hassle than it's worth and you'll end up with a dodgy theme with zero longevity.

  • Thanks for the info, but I was unsuccessful in stealing this custom theme:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • hey bro could tell me if i could get a hold of this website or what theme they are using, thanks you

  • GameGigaGinger says:

    hey bro could tell me if i could get a hold of this website or what theme they are using, thanks you

  • Izak Janse Van Vuuren says:

    howzit make your life easy here is all wordpress themes url

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