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Learn 3 methods to change the case of text in Excel. This way you can quickly switch text to upper case (i.e. all caps), to lower case and to proper case (first letter of every word is in capital letter and the rest are lower case letters).

Here is an overview of the three methods:
1. Excel’s Text Formulas – We use the UPPER, LOWER and PROPER functions – as well as the TRIM function to get rid of any additional spaces in between words – also space before or after words.
2. Excel Flash Fill – The advantage of flash fill is that you don’t need formulas, the disadvantage is that it’s not dynamic. If your source data change, you have to apply flash fill again.
3. Use an ALL CAPS font. There are fonts that don’t have lower case version. They are purely all caps fonts. Office has a few available by default, but you can download and install other fonts from websites like

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