47 thoughts on “10 Times Gamers Got BANNED For The Right Reasons”

  • Michael A. Kratz says:

    I had a buddy who's last name starts with tit…. he got banned from xbox and couldn't use his name in billing info.

  • The New Order says:

    Just don't cheat in online games because you look incredibly stupid and you'll mostly get caught. I know someone tried to get me banned in destiny because their internet was bad and blamed it on me, trying to say I was cheating. But I proved him wrong by sending him pictures of my internet signal and they apologized and it was on their end.

  • Patrick Bateman says:

    soooo maybe YOU are the one who need to go back to fifth grade and learn about the 1st amendment.. it is not only about speaking out against the government, it is that if you are a US citizen, you can say what ever you want as long as it is not a call to violence.. HOWEVER, xbox live for sure has terms of service that every user has to agree to, and i bet less than 1% of people who have agreed to their terms have actually read them..

  • One thing about cheating. I wish more cheaters and hackers used their powers for good, going after players who talk shit alot, people who harass other players, trolls etc. Sort of fighting fire with fire. But when people have cheats, even if they claim to use them for good they always default to cheating for personal gain.
    For ex: on black ops 2 there are alot of cheaters now, and alot of them claim "I only use cheats to stop people rage quitting" and inevitably you notice they're reviving themselves, they "accidentally" made the mystery box give them the wonder weapons. It's sad honestly

  • JamesTheFurst says:

    I hacked r6 seige once and got banmed a few minutes into my first match. Learmed my lesson and havent even thought about cheating since.

  • Không Não Gaming says:

    U guys dont even know what is server cheat . There was a time in our CrossFire server , everybody start the match by stick the gun on the wall then shot . EVERYONE OF THEM , EVERYROOM , EVERYBODY @@

  • i got banned for 2 weeks on christmas 2018 for sending everyone on my freinds list a Merry Christmas msg. before i knew why i contacted xbox support and when they told me why i was genuinely suprised.

  • Oh boy I love these stories…

    A popular Yu-Gi-Oh YouTuber named Triff Gaming bragged about purposefully slow playing an opponent in a video of his deck profile. Which was posted on YouTube. Got himself a year long ban from Konami.

    On a live stream a little over a year ago, a more popular YuGiOh YouTuber named Farfa ignored his match on duelingbook (a popular website to play YuGiOh on, as everything is done manually) so his opponent essentially played everything by himself. They both wound up being temporarily banned from the site, his opponent asked him to check out the channel of the team he's on (yea that's a thing) he then happened to click on a video from that channel where 2 of my friends were playing against each other and you can hear me explain to my friend why a certain card doesn't work when he does so.

  • Andrew Iantorno says:

    Metal gear solid 5 The Phantom Pain has a loooooot of hackers….I stop playing the game almost two years ago because of it. I got sick of having my FOB invaded by hackers.

  • LEETgaming network says:

    I catch cheaters almost every other day especially on Cod games pc players are notorious for running an aim assist software aka aimbot. Its not all of them but the ones that do no scope you from a crack in some boards 200ft out with flashbang going off in there face.

  • Optimistic English Gamer says:

    Sometimes it feels like people are cheating when I play any FPS or battle royale but it turns out I'm just turd.

  • Only game I ever cheated in San Andreas just because it was so fun to be invincible and go up and punch a tank in it explode

  • Do another with Kripparian getting banned from GW2 for using what was an extremely obvious exploit and then whining about getting banned because he claimed it wasn't obvious and that it was too harsh, except they only banned people for using the exploit over 1000 times in the short period that it was available for.

  • Normally I condemn businesses sharing your information. But I think for the case of cheaters, businesses should share that information and mark every cheater so they're already on a watchlist, or they're denied to play on other online games as well. No sympathy for cheaters.

  • Mathugh's Youtube World says:

    I once got perm banned on an mc server for using to many caps in chat. Luckily it was just pokeninjas on pixelmon not hypixel. That might be one of the dumbest mc bans they meant to do.

  • Never ever. I believe that what makes a game are the rules and by breaking the rules I would no longer be playing the game. I like games and I like the challenge created by the game so therefor I would never cheat because it robs me of any satisfaction of overcoming the challenge and any progression.

  • I got banned on ps4 for telling a guy to F**k off cause he said he gonna murder and R*pe my gf and he reported me first. I asked why I got banned and they say I broke terms and services but then I reported him and they said they cant do anything about it

  • I use mod and chest but only in a single player game, I think is disrespectful to use cheats in a group playing game.

  • Kyle Pasqualetti says:

    Proof that apex legends doesnt ban until the cheater streams it -.- shit devs. I love the game but these guys are rampant now. Even with strike packs, wallhackers and aimbotters

  • OwnGamesGamer says:

    I cheated in Minecraft just to see how is it to be overwatched so I mined with xray on but I didn't mine any diamonds and they couldn't find the hacking software somehow but I sad I was hacking after 30sec of him trying to

  • Once got communication banned from cod 4 on PC, I did not have a Mic! I was killing the same 3 players over and over as they tried to spawn trap us so they reported me and I got a 24 hour ban.i used the 24 ban to finish campaign on veteran with mouse and keyboard.

  • I cheat in games all the time, but not in multiplayer games or in the online modes of games. Tbph, I usually don't play online modes anyway unless it's co-op; not a big PvP guy.

  • One of the first communities to ever turn so toxic for me was Diablo 2, where players were sporting purchased items all duplicated while I earned mine legit. Claiming their magic find was so high that "runes dropped for them all the time." It was enjoyable when they said shit like that, because they were admitting they were cheaters and lacked knowledge on the game. So when the wipe came (after a christmas I might add) it was enjoyable to watch everyone who was "legit" lose their (some fresh) purchases/gifts while I retained my legit rune words (what few I had managed in my long time playing) and items.

  • people cheat on online matches of first person shooter games alot when i play so it is kinda boring but one time 6 players on my team and 2 on his all ganged up on him to get rid of him, he got mad and cussed at us on the voice transmitter. havent seen him since though

  • Perma banned twice on league for toxicity.

    Still play, but I try to keep a cool head now. I used to play the game every day for 3 years straight and now I only play, maybe once or twice a week.

  • got banned on overwatch for hitting like 6 insane clips in a match as widowmaker got unbanned after like a week tho and dont play anymore so it was just funny

  • I've always been against cheating in multiplayer games but I do admit ~10 years ago I used a cheat myself, partly just being curious and young, partly because the game was infested with cheaters in every 2nd/3rd lobby. On the other hand it was nice experience to see how it works (I only used it for 1 or 2 matches testing different things) but overall I do regret it a lot… It is what it is I suppose… I still use the same steam account so it's kinda shame the ban will be there visible forever because nowadays when people lose against me they 80% of the time start accusing me of cheating etc. and it's just annoying to see the same story go over and over again even tho I don't (and will not) cheat anymore.
    I guess it somehow comfort them thinking they lost to a cheater and there was nothing they could have done, rather than knowing they just weren't good enough? But why they need to start shout childishly to the mic or type hostile things, why not just leave the lobby and join another one?

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