Unable to open JPG image files in Windows 10? Getting unknown error while trying to open jpg files? You can fix the problem easily. Right click on Windows Start Button I Control Panel I Programs I Default Programs I Associate a file type or protocol with a program I select JPG and Change I Photo Gallery I Done!

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31 thoughts on “Can't Open JPG Files in Windows 10 (Solved)”

  • If you can't talk and explain in a professional manner, then Lay it out like a blue print (type it in advance). Your way is too old fashion. The proof is you are getting too many Thumb Downs.

  • DFW Boxing is Back says:

    Listen, I still have a laptop with Windows 3.1 on it (as in I am old skool). Windows 10 is the WORST OS Microsoft has ever released IMO

  • If this won't work. You can try this trick: Upload the photos in the Facebook, set to only me so you'll be the one to see it, then download, right click + save image as.. then presto photos are fixed. thanks me after.

  • Ozden Huseyin says:

    thank you so much. it finally helped me to see my photos without going to my school IT. now i can keep my games and not get caught with having admin. thanks m8

  • Michael Zoran says:

    NOT SOLVED: My files on my desktop can be seen, but not the picture files located in CUsersOnedriveDocuments. … Is this because I may not be connected to Onedrive? … The weird thing is my desktop pictures can be seen and those files are located in C:UsersOnedriveDesktop… So if I see them on the Desktop, why cant I see them in Documents?

  • GizmoFromPizmo says:

    It works but in my Windows 10, it takes you to some weird Settings dialog box and you have to kind of feel your way to find the link that allows you to change the default program for each different file type (.jpg, .png, etc). It doesn't look anything like the video (probably because Microsoft changed the way this takes place). The file association page contains the extension on the left side and some SEEMINGLY unrelated program icons to the right. It would help if the was setup to look like a grid of some kind because it's not readily apparent what the dialog box is "helping" you to do. It's jacked up – just like everything else Microsoft does when it radically changes the freakin' interface (ala Vista, and Windows 8). What ever happened to right-click on the file, goto Properties, and choosing "Open with…"? That crap worked fine and dandy since Windows 95. Now, for NO REASON, those holier-than-thou creeps at Microsoft changes (by making WAY more difficult) the way things have been done for 20-years.

  • oldguy8177able says:

    this image stuff really is a nightmare,it took me 3 days to figure it out I hope this helps because theres very little help out there I mean help that works first you need image file and (I use sublime text) in same folder youtube video title HTML Tutorial 9 very good but make sure folder has these 2 files important,next you need file path I know what you're thinking omg but in sublime right click you have option file path just click now the file path is not for image use name of folder at the end so it can find image now coding <img src="filepathfoldernameimg_0005.jpg" also do <!DOCTYPE html> it works I did this a year ago forgot all of it I knew it was hard

  • If you need to get your picture open and it's important for you, we can do it for you by our software! ( but with a little money ) 💯📌🖼💲🛒✏👈👈👈

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