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48 thoughts on “EDIFIER S350DB _ (Z Reviews) _ The Basshead 2.1 / Soundbar Killer”

  • János Csongor says:

    Just a side note about the cable. That's a DE-15 connector, not a DB-15 connector. The DB-15 connector has the 15 pins in 2 rows (7+8), the DE-15 connector has the pins in 3 rows (5+5+5). The regular VGA D-sub connector we all know is a DE-15 connector. So yeah, basically any VGA extension cable will be good.

  • They include an optical cable in the package!

    This is my first quality set of speakers and it has totally reinvigorated my love of music. Build quality is very good and they arrived with no damage thanks to the excellent packaging. I am very happy with my purchase, plus they were $100 off for cyber monday on amazon.

  • Brandon Snelling says:

    serious question, i have been using these for several days. I have been on youtube watching some interview stuff and im getting a static buzzing from the left speaker on several videos with people talking into the mics, Its only on the left speaker . At first i thought this was just an issue with said videos , but i have noticed it on several. Has anyone else noticed this????

  • Update: I bought them, they sound AMAZING. I have a spare high-end headphone dac. Need to know what sounds better, if the direct optical from PS4 or AUX connection from the external DAC connected with optical to PS4. I wonder if they would benefit from a better DAC or its own internal conversion would just screw the sound. Gotta investigate!

  • Lesly Leon Lee says:

    Owned these for more than a year, can't quite get em to sound right. It's like they don't have a midrange. It's all treble and bass. Maybe it's the placement or the acoustics of my room. They do killer drum and bass though. Or classical music. But vocals…. Sigh, they're really picky with the way vocals are recorded/mastered.

  • I’ve never owned an audio system of even decent quality but really enjoy listening to music and the quality matters (to a degree, I’m no expert) I currently just used some $50 Logitech PC speakers lol. I was looking into getting the edifier 1700BT but noticed they didn’t have a subwoofer, or at least a dedicated one. With money not being a concern in this decision, which would you recommend? What’s the difference between these satellites and the 1700BTs?

  • I'd like to buy some of these today. How is the balance? I find speakers that come with different cable lengths/types and/or one of the speakers having different knobs n' bobs, making the enclosure interior a different shape than the other speaker, often sound different. These aren't the same as 2.0 right powered/left slave speakers, but almost all of those that i have heard end up with both speakers sounding different. The speaker with the "power" always sounds different than the slave speaker. A little louder and more "powerful" sounding.. easy enough to change with balance on the PC but not possible with game consoles.

  • How do these things compare to the JBL 305 MKII + an active sub? Assuming both get decent input signal from an external soundcard or interface. Or some other well regarded active monitors. Are they relaay that good?

  • What should I buy Edifier S 3000 pro? Or this? This 1 cost half the price of s3000 pro in my country.I do like punchy bass. I m confuse what Should I get

  • if it's anything like the logitech sets using a VGA extension cable doesn't work, tried once, blew my amp, same plug, wires inside going to different places.

  • These or the S3000 Pro? I like bass, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice a significant sound quality (music and cinema) on the way. BTW my living room is 47.5 m2…

  • hedgehog1965uk says:

    "Go my minions" …. Yes Master Z, I will buy! Amazon UK says "Only 1 left in stock", but I don't have £249 spare to spend for another month or so. I was just about to buy the R1700BT, but after seeing this review I think I just have to get the S350DB, even though they cost nearly double what I was planning to spend. I currently have a set of Corsair SP2500 2.1 (which cost £200), which have been great for the last eight years but now need replacing. It will be great to have Bluetooth and digital input available in addition to great sound for music (everything from Pink Floyd to The Prodigy), gaming etc.

    Edit: Oh one thing I am a bit concerned about, that no one seems to be mentioning here, is the fact that these speakers don't have any grills at all. They look great, but I am very worried that I might put my foot through the sub when I have it under my desk. Does anyone have any info or tips about that? Cheers

  • U agree a dedicated sub sounds amazing but you did ask what speakers can keep up with subs 8" in particular. I have a pair of KrK v8's. The best bass I have ever had in my house. Faster than subs I've had in the past. They go down to 35hz easily. A sub would maybe dig an extra 10hz…. Maybe.

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