Is it worth getting a Samsung Galaxy Watch if you have an iPhone Xs Max, or any iPhone for that matter?

In this video I dive deep into all the things you can and can’t do with the Galaxy watch when paired to an iPhone Xs Max to help iPhone users decide if it’s worth getting the Galaxy Watch.

Top 10 Galaxy Watch/Gear S3 apps:

In Depth Gear S3 Apps Review (EVERY default app):

iPhone Xs Max Videos:

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50 thoughts on “Galaxy Watch with an iPhone Xs Max. Is it worth it?”

  • Damn… so if I use this for my iPhone I can’t even reply to text messages…………..I was about to buy this tomorrow but now im super torn

  • Screw it. I’m getting the Galaxy watch even though I have an iPhone. I really hate the Apple watch

    1. It’s not that- pretty (the shape is dislikable in my opinion) the Galaxy watch looks much better to me.

    2. It’s heart monitors are better, which I need

    3. It can overall do more

    4. It’s cheaper

  • Brian Davidson says:

    Where did you get the watch face for your Galaxy S3 watch? I really like the look and layout, but hate having to sift through hundreds of watch faces to find one that looks similar.

  • Pineapple Ponche 4 says:

    Thank you kindly sir for this video. I have an iPhone am in the market of buying my first smartwatch. But the Apple Watch looks so ugly in design. I considered buying Fossil as the retro watch design is perfect but I heard it doesn't track steps accurately. Galaxy Watch is very stylish and comes in rose gold which matches my jewelry.
    All I really care for is the Health tracking and Spotify. Samsung pay and GPS tracking would be nice but I can live without both.
    Thanks again

  • I was getting notifications for everything except from my text messages. What do I need to do in settings to receive my texts from my Iphone? The video shows u can get the texts just cant respond back to it from the watch.

  • I’ve been having issues with the vibration for notifications- It ONLY vibrates when my iPhone is open/unlocked so if my iPhone is locked (like in my pocket or on the table not being used) it pushes notifications to the watch BUT they are SILENT!! How can I fix this so that it ALWAYS vibrates

  • I liked the video, however, I wish there was some sort of "banner" whenever you grabbed a watch clarifying which device was linked to (Iphone or Android) even though you were mentioning this with your voice.

  • victor anohu says:

    i have the samsung gear 46mm watch paired to the iphone xs max. i do not get messages and whatapp notications on the watch from the iphone. is that correctable?

  • Eric Talusan says:

    Thanks for the THOROUGH explanation. I was on the fence with getting the Galaxy watch bc i wasn't sure how it would pair w my iPhone. I really love the look of the Galaxy Watch… more classic. Much appreciated! – new subscriber

  • The other big problem, that between iphone and gwatch the connection is allways dropping away and cos of this i need to delete my messages again, and again….. So this connection issue is pathetic. Im soooo sad cos of it.

  • You shouldnt really be comparing "android vs iphone" since this demonstration only works on a SAMSUNG phone. Any other android phone will work just the same as an iphone with very limited functionality. Only samsung phones allow you to scroll through message history and send replies among many other things.

  • Thank-you for the video. Great work.
    I've been using my Gear 3 on a LG Android phone for 2 years, just switching over to iPhone now. All the features missing you have mentioned I've only used less than 5 times since I had it. The SOS function only by accident.
    I think that I'll be fine moving to and iPhone for now, and when this one needs replacing I'll then get an apple watch.

  • Thank you so very much for this video. I like the looks of the new Active Watch 2 but dislike the Samsung phones. After your video I now know the features that wont work with the iPhone and the Active Watch 2 don't matter to me.

  • As an avid user of Apple products I have to say, their watch is pathetic compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. I bought this watch in anticipation of enjoying features the Apple Watch did not even come close to providing. The Galaxy Watch is so much more masculine and feature rich. That being said, I am so disappointed in the lack of support for IOS. If this is a strategy to try and make the public buy more Samsung phones, they have missed a HUGE opportunity. Why not make the watch universal to both platforms and draw customers away from the Apple Watch and over to the Galaxy Watch? Samsung has such a better product, all they need is the software to do it…

  • SoopperFlower81 says:

    Hi! Great review! Many thanks!
    I own an IPhone XS Max and really like galaxy watch, what about WhatsApp? Once paired with my iPhone, will I be able to read WhatsApp notifications? Respond them? Many thanks

  • Troy __________ says:

    I'm just double shecking this before I buy on but this does mean that it could connect this smartwatch to an LG right?

  • Shane Raymer says:

    I’m thinking about buying one of these for my iPhone. Bought my gf one today for her birthday and i think it looks a lot better than the Apple Watch

  • Very helpful thanks. Mine is connected to my iPhone SE and doesn’t have the standard “find my phone” app on the watch, which is really annoying. Anyone know why or how to solve this?

  • Man this is so detail thanks looks like I'll be staying with the apple watch longer, hate design but love how functional it is

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