Sébastien “7ckngMad” Debs, former coach of and current offlane player for OG and TI8 champion, is the star of the 136th Episode of ‘Reflections’. Part two of the interview, which is even longer, will be released tomorrow.

This interview was conducted on the 9th of September.

Time-line of topics discussed:
00:00 Intro
00:50 Dota1
06:25 Sockshka and Funzii
15:55 mTw with syndereN
17:20 Beating Na`Vi
27:22 mTw falling down and TI2
32:37 DD.Dota/Quantic with Silent and Goblak
37:20 Facing Alliance
39:19 Na`Vi in the early years
43:33 Philosophy over the years
48:42 Young stars (RTZ and suma1l as examples) in mentality/approach
1:00:19 TI3 Wild Card
1:02:59 Sigma.int and captaincy
1:04:30 FATA- and miGGel
1:12:40 Losing to SpeedGaming.int
1:15:15 Embracing chaos
1:18:44 Reflecting on Sigma
1:24:24 Thoughts of giving up?
1:29:49 Was he arrogant?
1:38:22 Playing in Alliance
1:43:06 Loda
1:45:05 Beating Secret
1:47:20 Alliance losing to NiP
1:48:39 Building teams
1:52:51 Thoughts on analysts and casters

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This video was kindly supported by:

Gardner Wilson
Dean Tanglis
Alex Adams
Eddie Wingfors
Andreas Snazore Westerlund
Kyler Harris
Travis Greb
James Harding
Daniel Yordanov
Robert Baxter

Special thanks go out to JerCkysMiNi0n.

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