Final Boss Veigar Skin Released: *IN BETA*

– Final Boss Veigar Skin Features –
■ New voice-overs
■ New ability and sound effects
■ Interactions with items
■ New Recall animation
■ 1820 RP

For more information on Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil, check out the League of Legends wiki on this champion:

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If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please send a PM through YouTube.

Programs and tools used: Photoshop, Sony Vegas Studio, Dxtory and LoLReplay.


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46 thoughts on “League of Legends: Final Boss Veigar (Skin Preview)”

  • When I saw this skin I was like "what?!?! this expensive only for one skin?!?!" and when I saw this Im like "You know what? it will be worth it :3"                                                                                                                                                         Keep it up with dem videos, your helping me a lot (by a lot)

  • Disgruntled Solly says:

    Here are the references that Viegar makes with this skin:

    "Weakness is a disease, and I am the cure!" – Street Fighter – Akuma
    "I can't let you do that!" Starfox 64
    "Cocky little freaks!" – Starfox 64
    "Run, run! Or you'll be well done!" – Final Fantasy III/VI – Kefka
    "You dare defy me?!" – God of War
    "Playtime has ended!" – X-Men – Magneto
    "You can't compare with my powers!" – Street Fighter II – M. Bison
    "The end draws near!" – Final Fantasy III/VI – Kefka
    "You and your friends are dead!" – Friday the 13th NES – Game Over Screen
    "Suffer! Like V did!" – House of the Dead 2
    "Vengeance shall be mine!" – StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
    "Boil in mud you meddling fool!" – Dragon’s Lair II: Timewarp
    "You are error." – Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – I am Error
    "I, Veigar, will knock you all down!" – Final Fantasy I – Garland
    "A battle you have no chance of winning!" – Half-Life – G-Man
    "I'll make weapons from your bones!" – Diablo II – The Smith
    "My power is over nine thousand!" – DragonBall Z – Vegeta
    "I am invincible!" – Goldeneye 007 Reloaded
    "Guh… what? Impossible!" – AdventureQuest – LionFang
    "Welcome to your doom!" – Altered Beast
    "Unimaginable is the power of Veigar!" – Chrono Trigger
    "Champions! Welcome to die!" – X-Men – Magneto
    "Do you realize who you're dealing with?" – TLoZ – Ganondorf
    "The black wind howls." – Chrono Trigger – Magus
    "This isn't even my final form!" – DragonBall Z – Frieza
    "What is a Champion? A miserable pile of pixels!" – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Dracula
    "I hunger…" – Sinistar
    "Don't get mad! Get sadistic!" – Destroy All Humans
    "All the cake is gone!" – Portal – GLaDOS
    "I will create a monument to nonexistence!" – Final Fantasy III/VI – Kefka
    "Hey! Listen!" – TLoZ – Navi
    "My patience is wearing thin!" – TMNT: Turtles in Time – Shredder
    "”Somebody set up us the bomb." – Zero Wing
    "I have fury!" – Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga – Fawful
    "Would you kindly?" – Bioshock – Atlas
    "My strength is unparalleled!" – Megaman X: Command Mission – Ninetails
    "Arcane launch detected. – StarCraft
    "Got a present for ya!" – Command & Conquer
    "Quad damage!" – Quake
    "Finish them!" – Mortal Kombat
    "It's no use!" – Sonic’06 – Silver the Hedgehog
    "Right where I want you! – Diablo III
    "Would you kindly stop moving?!" – Bioshock – Atlas
    "Your entire life has been a mathematical error!" – Portal – GLaDOS
    "The feelings of terror only prove your inferiority!" – Street Fighter – M. Bison
    "Get lost! You can't compare with my powers." – Street Fighter – M. Bison
    "Weak, pathetic fools!" – Mortal Kombat 2
    "Toasty!" – Mortal Kombat
    "Super-effective!" – Pokémon
    "Delete!" – Megaman Battle Network
    "Got a present for you!" – Starfox 64 
    "You fell right into my trap" – Yu-Gi-Oh
    "I can't let you do that" can be a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    "Your journey ends here, Hero!" is a reference to Oblivion Mages Guild quest where Caminalda attacks you on the road and says "Your journey ends here, traveller!"
    "Not even death can save you from me" – Diablo II – Diablo
    "My Power Grows!" – Chaos Lord from Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising – Retribution

    Veigar' staff is a reference to Warcraft 3 wards.
    On his joke, when Veigar turns into 2D, it's a reference to Paper Mario, when enemies get defeated they fall over just like the skin does.
    His glove is a reference to Master hand.
    When he uses his joke, when he's 2D, he does a little rocking animation that resembles when you try to catch a Pokémon. After the second rock he breaks free and turns back to normal.

  • Wtf!?! Agahnim's projectile charge attack from Zelda Link to the Past?

    I love all of these quotes, visual and audio nods to retro generation gaming to modern.

    Great job Riot.

  • Anyoen else notice that on his recall animation that he does the old Konami Code? Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start.

  • Can I ask you sth. I heard about the battle cast kog maw but still not see anything. Was that skin real or just fan make up ?

  • Anyone else notice the pun between the "quad damage" reference and that fact that it drops TETRIS blocks?

    Well played Riot, well played

  • Sargeant Barrister Doe says:

    Final Boss Veigar's Recall for the AR Cande Ctrl-LoL-R:

    Right, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Up, Down, W (Middle Button), P (First Button).

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