39 thoughts on “President Wants To Ban Violent Video Games?”

  • Joaquin Lopez says:

    Just finished rdr story mode, time to go by a revolver and sniper and go assassinate trump because I’m violent cause of video games

  • Robbie Martin says:

    Look I cant drive my car with a law saying I have to wear a seat belt or I cant smoke or this or that free country my ass to many made up laws

  • HolyMuscleOfLove says:

    99.999% of all developed countries mass shottings happens in USA, so, the solution can be simply ban violent video games (maybe violent movies and rock music too) in USA, and let them to the ones that can play them (the rest of the world) without turn themselfs in real life crazy murderers…

  • American people have "the gun culture" written in their DNA.They crave for war and they are looking for any opportunities to grab a gun and shot something that is alive. This is a problem caused by US Army propaganda and media as well.I am playing FPS since I were 12 and never had ideas to kill some one.

  • Instead of focusing on individuals school programs and improving them from teaching to breaks and other enviroment problems they want to ban games.Why we dont have same problems in Europe? We play same games as in USA but we dont go out screaming and shoting people(maybe we cut eachother…sometimes). Improving school quality should be nr.1 problem not banning video games and also not allowing 6 yo play DOOM or BF and so on.

  • Cullen Tashiro says:

    Gamestop counter

    when I was a kid: asks if my dad will let me play ODST
    HS Junior: “Can I see some ID?”
    Now: “Alright and would you like to preorder anything?”

  • the city of San Francisco has declared the NRA a domestic terroristic organization – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H1ZSnr9aZo&t=5s

  • A random dude !!!!!! says:

    Our mass shootings aren’t because of video games it’s mental illness or fucked up parents and I’m all for guns but automatic guns they are the problem we do not celebrate violence sure there may be violence but if they aren’t mature enough to handle parents or I’m talking to you DONT LET THEM PLAY IT idiots solve the real problem not the fake ones that the media makes up

  • Purge The Punk Furry says:

    A world with censorship, that is future of Anarchy in the United States, so there's basically no future for everyone what's so ever, it would cause a Dystopia future for people who wants the to show reality to their young, and if try to make our young to stay away from violence and the outside world, their still going to be Violence and Anarchy. Trust me, I'm one of those kids who are still rebellious, politics doesn't release that couldn't afford violent video games, or kids who grew up unhappy and there's still violence!
    Murder is a empathetic, a virus with no cure, i like to call it, "Produce of Murder" because the madness never ends.

  • Japan basically invented violent video games and gun violence doesn't exist there. Now that I think about most stable countries have violent video games and no mass shootings. Morons will blame air and water before blaming guns.

  • Its a parenting problem parents buy m rated games for children even when told why its rated m. For example a woman bought her 8 year old gta 5 i told her why its m rated included nudity she still bought it not caring bc it isnt real. So realisticly its a parenting issue not a video game issue

  • Oh right America is the "greatest" country right, my country has all video games and over a 100 years 1 mass shooting have occured. I believe your mass shooting problem comes from people who have issues but cant get help, and cant afford the medicines they need.

  • thegangvault2 says:

    A great argument for why politicians shouldn't have so much power. I will also point out that many of these shooters either had clean records or stole the guns, so more gun control will never, NEVER affect that. About 90% of mass shootings happen in so-called "gun-free" zones… maybe that's what we should look at. Or maybe the fact that all of these shooters came from broken homes and had no father in their lives to speak of. The "gun control" (not a real thing, you're debating whether humans have rights or not) debate scares me more than any other debate… if politicians gain THAT much power I shudder to think what abuses the public will suffer.

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