49 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Horizons – Release Date Gameplay Trailer | E3 2019”

  1. I pray Isabelle is still their but mainly my girl Carmen! Oml I need her in this game! I made her immediately move in in ACPC lol

  2. Someone: How can they make a game better than Animal Crossing?

    *awkward silence*

    The trailer: I'd turn around if I were you *stands right behind them*

  3. tgis is exactly what I wanted in a new animal crossing. they change enough to improve the format of animal crossing, but not enough to make it feel too different. it feels like Nintendo is listening to what the people want more and more with every game they release. this game is going to be amazing

  4. Booooooooooooooo this isn’t what we want. We want a fallout 76 port. Jesus Nintendo just doesn’t understand or listen to their consumer.

  5. This seems like it'll be an intresting break from the sereis usual moteif of "sell, pay, sell, pay, work project, sell, pay"
    But why did they increase the 1st rent? Seriously! 49.000 bells! Think how high that will be to a starter!
    (Also holy frick in game paths!)

  6. I dont get why this game has such a huge following. I have new leaf and played it for months. 😑😞

    Absolutely boring game. I thought it would be like the sims but nope.

    Guess the most fun i had was making a tree farm, since selling apples seems to be the only and fastest way to make money. 😒

    Am i missing something?

  7. Placing stuff to sit on right at the beach itself, its breaking boundaries damn xD I hope for new hairstyles, faces and eyes, too

  8. I like the idea, building from the ground up. As game cube player of animal crossing I will say it's interesting concept. Yes I played the new games ect, but call me crazy but I feel like something still missing.

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