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Boracay Station Zero (part 1) | Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay

So this is Boracay Station Zero! Experiencing the white sand and Crimson resort in BORACAY #STATIONZERO! Another dream come true! I feel blessed to see Boracay after its reopening, Boracay 2019

It is great that we have a nice and comfortable hotel with exceptional customer service in this rainy weather! I got to relax and still enjoy my stay in #Boracay because of the comfortable room and heartwarming experience with the staff. Love the buffet in Saffron Cafe.

Crimson Saffron Cafe Ala Carte food review
Crimson Hotel Cobalt Pool
Crimson #BoracayStationZero Beach front

Thank you Daniela and Lady of Metro.Ph
Thanks with love to all the staff of Crimson Boracay resort and spa, especially to Jocelyn and John of #SaffronCafe

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Riding waves
Finding ways
Afternoon Sun
Flicker – Matriarch
Sunrize Over Ibiza

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