CreatorCrate Gameplay Trailer

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CreatorCrate is a 2.5D platformer on a procedurally generated space station. Gravity varies and interactions are physics based.

Music is Pixelate by Viktros. Used with permission.


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5 thoughts on “CreatorCrate Gameplay Trailer”

  1. The game looks and sounds very nice, sadly the camera movement is making me dizzy. You might want to look into mitigating motion sickness in videogames, since there is a lot of action here and the camera realy could be improved. I fear people with epilepsy might be also affected. Hope this helps you, good luck with the project, I will check it out some time later!

  2. this game looks very cool cant lie lol but just wanted to drop in and say awesome video i found you through the twitch kittens discord but just wanted to drop by and say keep up the awesome work!

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