Dr Mario World – Multiplayer Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Checkout the reveal of multiplayer gameplay in Dr. Mario World, coming to iPhone & Android, as Mario, Bowser, and others go head to head!


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23 thoughts on “Dr Mario World – Multiplayer Gameplay Reveal Trailer”

  1. Everyone: Is not happy because you can't play with your friends in Mario maker 2
    Nintendo's second mobile game: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  2. In the future, war has advanced beyond Bowser kidnapping the princess and Mario saving her.
    Bowser has developed highly sophisticated bio weapons, and Mario developed the cure.
    Now, it has evolved into giving each other diseases. Everyone has turned on each other.
    Welcome to the Virus Kingdom

  3. So Koopalings are also playable? Does that mean we'll get a Dr. Morton Koopa Jr.! 😀

    Also, hoping to see Pauline in this game as one of the doctors.

  4. Is there a Dr. Rosalina, Dr. Daisy, Dr. Wario, Dr. Waluigi, or Dr. Donkey Kong? I'm sure they'll be added in the future of Dr. Mario World.

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