Nokia 4.2 Unboxing and Review After 30 Days of Use!

In this video, I cover the Nokia 4.2’s specifications, cameras, and more features after my extended use for 30 days and I highlight some key points about my experience with it. Is it worth it to you?

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27 thoughts on “Nokia 4.2 Unboxing and Review After 30 Days of Use!”

  1. Without any #fodaadu, the the sound quality is awesome but the video is a no no, your accent though, great review boss

  2. My first video on this channel ,and I’m very impressed , very quick and super detailed review, amazing quality content. Liked and Subscribed!

  3. The video quality of the front camera is quite okay, it doesn't blow out the background that much like the previous phones you've tasted on this channel

  4. Cool.. The cons is the 5.71 inches display.. Sound quality is okay..
    Camera is 6/10

    Buh I have to say for that price I would rather the Infinix S4

    Nice video

  5. Someone just got this phone as a gift for me, o haven't gotten my hands on it yet, happy you did a review on it and honestly I'm not that tripped about it anymore. I use an LG G5 and it's by far better only downside is the same 3000 mah battery. I think I'll sell the Nokia and add money get me a xiaomi redmi note 7.

  6. Don't know if my ears are broken but there is this white noise in the background that was there throughout the video except when you were doing the voice test with the phone. First time I've noticed it, did you change your mic or something

  7. Awesome review, Nice device, Nice sound quality, dope google assistant button and lastly what h🙆appened to the battery 😥😫 Oke re.
    Good work boss 💪.

  8. Nice review, the sound quality is decent and not bad at all & the front facing camera for the video quality is just okay for a device like that

  9. Great phone, but I believe the only attraction to this phone would be the stock android experience.
    Apart from that, with less money you can get the Redmi 7 (which I'm currently using) with same ROM and RAM size, but with a better SD632 processor and probably better camera performance as well.
    I personally believe the processor makes a whole world of difference as I can testify that using the 2/16gb variant of the Redmi 7, I've experienced no lag, stutter whatsoever throughout my use of close to a month.

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