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Super Mario Maker 2 – A Legendary Update – Nintendo Switch

The Super Mario Maker 2 game is getting a legendary update. On Dec. 5, a free update to Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch system adds Link from the Legend of Zelda series as a playable character, new course parts, and a new gameplay mode.

• After downloading the Ver. 2.0.0 update, the new Master Sword item will be available to use exclusively in the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. style. When this new course part is picked up, Mario will transform into Link, equipped with a new set of moves like attacking with a sword, shooting arrows and dropping bombs.

• In the recently launched the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening game for Nintendo Switch, Link encounters familiar characters from the Super Mario games like Piranha Plants and Goombas, but this time Link is joining a Super Mario game in Super Mario Maker 2!

• Transforming into Link using the Master Sword opens up a whole new world of design possibilities for creators. Using his arrows, Link can shoot far off switches that Mario would normally not be able to hit. His new down thrust move with the sword will defeat usually protected enemies like spike-covered Spinies. And with bombs, some walls that would normally be impassable by Mario and friends can easily be blown up.

• In addition to Link, the update also adds more course parts and enemies, as well as a new Ninji Speedruns mode, perfect for players looking for a challenge.

• Dash Block: Available in the Super Mario 3D World style, the Dash Block course part gives Mario a major speed burst when stepped on.

• Frozen Coin: These coins are surrounded by a block of ice and can only be released if melted by fireballs or other fire elements, including a certain angry sun.

• P Block: When a P Switch is hit in the course, invisible P Blocks temporarily turn into hard platforms, or vice-versa.

• Spike: This classic enemy coughs up massive spike balls and launches them at Mario. If used in the snow environment, Spike will toss snowballs instead!

• Pokey: The iconic stacked cactus from multiple Super Mario games joins Super Mario Maker 2 for the first time. Players can even edit the height of each Pokey.

• In the new Ninji Speedruns mode, players can take on a timed challenge in courses created by Nintendo exclusively for this mode. Other players’ Ninji Ghosts will run alongside players as they compete against rivals from around the world. The Ninji Ghosts that appear are selected from player data at a similar performance level, so players can gradually improve their performance by running the course alongside other players’ Ninji Ghosts. Players can also collect stamps by clearing courses and redeem them in-game to get special Mii costumes.

• Each Ninji Speedrun event will run for about one week, with new courses distributed periodically. During the event, players will be ranked by their play time in that course. Players can still run the course alongside Ninji Ghosts and collect stamps even after the event period has ended.

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